The power to let power go! [PT 2]

I recommend no one remains in the Doritos of CP. This was not what I created. What I created was meant to be something more than just an army. We were supposed to be in this together. No matter what ever happened, we all promised to be with the shits. I tried to replicate what DCP legends and I had set up in DCP previously – I however found the people that I put into power to become absolutely power hungry and become people of no morals and no ethics. If you’re someone who stands idle while corrupted individuals throw out a DCP legend, a DCP creator, the only one who kept DCP alive from the year 2012 to the year 2020 then you are a disgrace to the DCP Legacy.

As the creator of DCP, I deem the current state of DCP fraudulent and illegitimate.




let me know that you’re ok, I do not know how else to get in contact with you as I have used up all of my other options. I have heard terrible things and all I want is a sign that you are OK. Tweet me, DM me on twitter. anything. love you forever brother. we were just kids and we did this shit our way. a bond forever.


Believe in yourself like it’s a religion

You know.. so many people, they limit themselves. Don’t ever limit yourself because you could have it all; you deserve it all. Let me tell you something, if you can clearly see yourself with something, you can have it. I don’t care how big it is. You are only limited by your belief system. What do you believe? What do you believe on a deep subconscious level about you? Because what you believe makes its way into the outside world. My belief in myself is so strong that it’s almost arrogant. I think you have to get to that point that you believe in yourself SO much that you know some how some way you can make it through. Like dude, everything works out for me. This is good. Everything works out for me. You must believe in yourself so much that it scares you. You see, you’re not by yourself. You have something working with you that cannot fail. The same thing that puts the sun in rotation. This same force – this energy – regulates your heart beat. See, when you start using these powers… these gifts… that we all have… this help.. this constant help, you cannot fail. We must co create our reality with source, with god. We must act as if it’s already ours. And by doing so, by filling that filling, the universe jumps on board with us. It brings us exactly what we desire. But we must trust ourself. We must trust the universe. Trust that everything works out for us no matter what. Everything works out for me. I’m good, I’m great, I’m amazing, this is good. This is wonderful. I believe in myself, I can do anything. I’m genius, I’m good, I’m brilliant, I’m magnificent. Any time doubt enters my mind I counter it with an affirmation. With a bold statement. I am brilliant. I can do this. You see doubt enters everyone’s mind – almost anyones mind. But only the strong survive. You must be strong enough to do your affirmations. Your words are energy, your subconscious mind is listening. What commands are you giving it? Believe in yourself.

You can’t hang

Me and my nigga Bam117 came through and took this game over. Nobody acknowledged DCP when Wwebestfan retired but me and Bam came around the corner and started smacking thots around in the fucking sewers.