32op – the birth control baby

Without me – you’re all insignificant incompetent PEASANTS! You slimy freaks! I leave and you have to get 3 armies to help you get to 30+! WEAKLINGS!

Incapable of fighting a war, you beg other armies to help you fight a single army! This is what we always stood against! WEAKLINGS!

You base war on if you think you can win? The point of war is to rise up and annihilate your opponents, fun, or for what you think is right. This is why you all will forever live in my shadows and you continue to work to amount to nothing… WEAKLINGS!

1. Lying to the community.
If you take a look at DCP’s event pictures and count the amount of people logged on versus how many they say have logged on. You’ll notice they’ve been adding numbers into their max that aren’t even there. This is not something recent, as it also happened numerous times in Army League too. Are they blind or do they just want added points to get ahead of the other armies? Why hasn’t the board done anything to counter their fake maxes? Well, the answer to that is directly correlated to our first reason.

Not to mention, they use the “according to the website” as a means to “justify” their numbers. Yet, who are the people who have access to the website? Not us. We can’t check if they are lying about that too, because once again, biased authorities

Their lying has been happening since our CPO days. They lie about their maxes to boost their ranking on the Top Ten armies list, and it’s incredibly unfair to multiple armies who work hard, give honest numbers and are refused their rightful ranking.

I thought it was so funny that you claimed 20 was 50 after I left you off to slowly die away. I guess you couldn’t hold up that facade for long! Now you done did it, tried to pull off the scheme that you lot were actually competent!! All schemes come to an end, but this one was worse than Andrew24 scheming his way about!! I heard he loved the good news when he figured out DCP became WEAKLINGS!

What a failure of a prick. I would slap this thot straight into the sewers. How the fuck are you about to force everyone to recruit and yet still get 30+ with begging armies to get on in your uniform. I tried to help a depressed kid named Meerrkat

Now you see why Mustapha10 doesn’t have to be active to be successful? I mastered this game you stupid heads, I led for 10 year what do ya expect lil duckys! Your leaders retire and still recruit all day to see if they actually matter… hah! isnt it nice having someone with an actual name in your army, only to find out jester was one of my many henchmen that was brought up from nothing to something to everything!

You fail to be successful so you try to rape kids into doing all the heavy lifting


MEERKAT, you’ll never amount to anything without me

wanna know why

because i am a GOD

-king ducky mustapha