Most people don’t know when they lose their innocence. They lose it slow. I’m about to lose it all at once.

The only excuse that they have given me for all of this was because I kept kicking them from our group chats. Below is only from 1 group chat, instead of focusing on DCP these children were constantly toxic. This is the side of you that they don’t show. This is their truest self, when no one is watching them. If anyone thinks these pictures aren’t real you can DM me (Mustapha10#8042) and I can add you into this group chat so you can see them for yourself. I made it my duty to ensure DCP is productive and my mission to ensure everyone is the best version of themselves. With this being something so constant it results in me kicking them from group chats repeatedly. 


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! As a retaliation to this post I expect you all to dig up all the dirt you have on me. If you fail to do so I guess it really says a lot about the person that I am. Stay calculated, boys (and Vivala)..

-Big Mus t nigga, the nigga that made it cool to rep DCP, the one and only to make the Doritos universal nigga, the only nigga that brought DCP back without Wwebestfan, the nigga that made it universal to bump the shield, the nigga that’s been here CONSISTENTLY since 2010. No one else has led DCP as long as I have, and no one ever will! Put some respek on it!

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