Tears, everywhere

Jester, you’re mentally retarded. It took you an entire week to write an essay about why you were removed from legend. I didn’t tell Wwe to remove you, but here you are moaning about me. You claimed you “didn’t care” but you care enough to write an esay. Please, tell me what you have EVER done for DCP or for any army. You claim you revived DCP in 2015, go look at the archives faggot. All you did in 2015 WAS BAIL OUT after like 1 month. Like you do every single time. I don’t think it’s because you like bailing out, I think it’s because you’re mentally unstable. Seek help. The fact that this entire time you were taking pictures of everything – like years ago when I asked Sprite for his script or years ago when Brad nulled the DCP chat – simply proves that you are a SNAKE! After all of those years you were a Dorito, that was all you were able to grab. Really says a lot, DCP is the greatest of all time. Yeah, I CAN leave and come back whenever I want.. Simply because I have served DCP for years on end! You have never done anything for DCP except bail out every 3 weeks! You were only allowed back in all of those times because Bam117 feels bad for you. Stop being so suicidal, stop making things up, and leave Club Penguin. You claim you hate Club Penguin yet you immediately ditch DCP leadership for LT when they reopened because they were big! LOL, complete joke. You’re the fraud, all of those pictures you posted were laughable you freak.

Jester can’t even tie his own shoes correctly, freak kid is nuts. Only thing he has to look forward to in life is UMA, and all he does is suck the dicks of retired UMA legends like Dan or Wgfv. Complete faggot always wanted to hang around Bloodline but they laugh at him for copying everything they say and trying to say it on Club Penguin chats.


I remember making this faggot a moderator, making this faggot an owner, then making this faggot a leader. He then goes on to moan about me because he’s a freak-show. I talked to you all night to prevent you from committing suicide, ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS.. I begged you on twitter direct messaging not to commit suicide! I was your true friend, but you’re a spineless freak! All you do is hate on me because I’m always more successful than you. Yeah, you like to see me do good.. Until I do better than you; so fuck you. This queer sucks dick and army hops!

He’s going to say my career was riddled with multilog accusations… wrong! I never have been accused or proven of multilogging, ever. It was people in DCP who did it, and they were punished for it. Sad truth is, Jester was the first person to EVER get caught multilogging in the history of DCP! Shoutout to RoadKing.

Jester posted pictures of Mach’s opinion. Ok, nice! Gottem?! Oh, and Goblin said I was nice to him when I wanted something?! I’m such a big evil sinner, I admit! I beg of you.. stop making essays about me and do something more productive with your life. You went around asking people to comment about me being a “manipuator” and they told you to fuck off, and all you got was Goblin? He has never been in DCP or even gotten to know me on a personal level. 😦

You deepthroat West and Bam, you should actually learn something from them. How do you hang around with such legendary people yet still be a faggot? West and Bam are literally among the realest people I have EVER met! Goblin thinks I am only nice to people when I want things, I’m such a manipulator?! I made you Jester, and I asked for nothing in return! I made you a DCP legend, all you did was bail out and claim you were bipolar. CPA legend my ass, you never led a single fucking army to success, and you will be removed from that page.. it’s inevitable! The only reason you’re there is because you sucked the cocks of BL and UMA legends. You’re bitch made little nigga

I was in DCP consecutively longer than anyone in history. Yet you say “mustapha can leave and rejoin whenever he wants” http://prnt.sc/ebtssu Put some respek on Mus t!

Also, DCP doesn’t multilog as HulkHogan! We get over 100 join applications a day! 13yearoldn00b and Wwebestfan are the witnesses to our join applications! Bow down to greatness! You tried to lead DCP and it literally DIED with a total of 4 join applications! You vanished and claimed you were going to the join the marines then came back to DCP when I did. Next time you make a rage post, call me daddy

-Big Mus t nigga, the nigga that made it cool to rep DCP, the one and only to make the Doritos universal nigga, the only nigga that brought DCP back without Wwebestfan, the nigga that made it universal to bump the shield, the nigga that’s been here CONSISTENTLY since 2010. No one else has led DCP as long as I have, and no one ever will! Put some respek on it!