My Final Club Penguin Post… [Laws of Power: Law #1]

I’m on the pursuit of awesomeness, excellence is the bare minimum.

Nothing in life is promised except death. We have the opportunity to play this game called life. You need to appreciate every moment. There’s a new thing called Mustapha10x is a god. If I said I was a nerd you’d be happy, but I’m sorry I am great.. Nonetheless! None of this is real.. The only thing that’s real is the people you love, your family; The only luxury is time, the only thing promised is that you’re going to die one day.

How miserable is your life that you have to focus on the negative things? Enjoy life, it’s what really makes you number 1. I know you want to be just like me, because even you are not limited. Everything you see in armies is a piece of me forever, I have influenced every army that will ever be created. The things I’ve done in armies over years, nobody can say shit. I feel it every time they moan about Sprite, Brad or  Badboy multilogging in DCP. Never have I done it but everything revolves around Mustapha10x. I have made myself a legend without even trying, I would be AFK all day and still be the most relevant person of the day. This was really cool, I wish this was all real but unfortunately it’s all fake.

Society has kinda broken us down to not really feel what we feel anymore, and so many people base their stuff off of trends or what’s happening on radio or what they’ve heard before and there’s only a few characters… not that so much we’re geniuses but we’re dreamers and we’re just bringing our dreams to life. Don’t be afraid to be wrong, don’t be too proud to be wrong, because you can’t ever learn anything from a compliment.

I’m crazy but at the same time I’m a genius 😉

I believed in myself when I was a kid, I joined Club Penguin armies for fun, under Wwebestfan. I outshined the fucking master. I was mentally so focused that nothing anybody ever did or said to me would stop me. Nobody could stop me. I’m the number 1 leader of the past 5 years, hands down, no competition. Ask any other leader. Success a lot of times, is the greatest disabler. Never be content!


Did I not destroy every Club Penguin army? Did I not successfully and legitimately conquer this whole community? Did everyone not bow down to greatness? If you answered no to any of these questions, you’re a fan in denial. You see, we’re all really rockstars but I’m the biggest of them all. Sometimes you have to sit back and say “damn you know what,  we really are great”.

Over the years, I destroyed the 1st law of power and I outshined Wwe and his petty max historical sizes were 35. He had 9 leaders at one point and only got sizes of 30. I completely annihilated this when I defeated Nachos in the legends cup and hit sizes of 60 not long after he retired, in 2013. In 2012 I was made leader alongside him and we got 1st on the top 10 very quickly. He retired as soon as he can and was content with finally getting 1st on top 10 for the first time in the armies history since creation. I was not done, I would conquer for years to come and even make Wwebestfan himself (the failure creator guy) get jealous. How could the guy he recruited outshine him? How could I make his great legacy look like complete shit? ” DOWN WITH YOU MUSTEEZY, YOU’RE MAKING ME LOOK BAD! 😦 “… “not this time.. no.. you’re fixing DCP and mass recruiting? I can’t bear witness!” To simplify it, I got removed from DCP by their creator. He said it was because I “forced people to multilog” even though he witnessed me expose people who multilogged in DCP and watched me fire them, he still went on with it. He won’t allow DCP to max over 20 anymore. He personally told me he would coup Badboy if DCP got over 20.


I ended multilogging in DCP in 2015 (when it started) and this year I couped Badboy and I abolished multilogging (for the second time this year). I was going to massively recruit (as you can see) and I mobilized DCP for massive rise, I closed down DCP for 1 month in order to develop great recruiting methods and get rid of multilogging completely. Brad & Trader (DCP leaders) kept vetoing the removal of Badboy, which forced me to try 4 different times in 1 month. I was finally successful,

Anyone who has ever hated on me was under me, I outshined them all and they were butthurt. Imagine if I was unsuccessful in armies, and if I only had 5 recruits… There would be no reason to try to bring me down but I was so great that they would all claw with their fingernails to try to stop me. They forgot that don’t shit phase me and that this entire time I was never truly intrigued, I would completely forget about Club Penguin every time I got away from my computer. I felt bad about myself for hanging out with such weirdos. Everyone on XAT was literally extremely weird, but they gave me something to do from time to time.

I wouldn’t ever quit no matter what happened, but I was removed so now all I can do is wish them luck. I can no longer assist them and if they die out it merely has nothing to do with me. I did my part for years, I did better than anybody in the history of armies could do and I did it against all odds for so long being so consistent. I was truly unprecedented and unparalleled which did make me content for some time, unfortunately. I surrounded myself with losers and lame people who were kind of funny, instead of staying among great people like xxtoysoldier. I stayed true to a single army, and nothing could stop me. Unfortunately for you guys, outshining the master has it’s result.

Time is extremely valuable and I must move on. Doritos multilogged so much over the past few months that there’s little to no actual loyal troops. 10 maximum, and that’s unfortunate due to the fact that I actually did get thousands upon thousands of join applications before my army was destroyed. This was fun while it lasted, if it weren’t for the creator of the army I joined ultimately destroying it, I would still be dedicated to it for years to come. This army has taught me so much, this community has taught me so much, this was all a great experience. Thanks to everyone for the great memories and great times that we have had together, in return I have given you my hard work and dedicated years of time.

For everyone that knows me best, I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? Because I made that bitch famous. You can’t blame me much for wanting to be free.

For the final time (for a while), Mustapha10x out.





(goat shoutouts – Bam117, Xxtoysoldier, Trader, DrMatt, Brigade, LordPain)


These will be our allies, trust no one else. Together we will prosper. 


(Brigade’s Army)


(DrMatt’s Army)

– more to be added –

Final Verdict –

I shut down Doritos for an entire month and removed multilogging by firing Badboy but as my efforts towards cleansing the Doritos were taking place, their idiotic “creator” Wwebestfan ruined all of my hard work. For this, he will never be forgiven. Just as soon as he retired in 2012 we hit record sizes in DCP history, maxing 50 often in 2013. DCP didn’t get 1st on top 10 until I was made leader in 2012 and he dare revoke my legend status? I was in DCP for a more consistent period than anybody ever, including Wwebestfan who fought us in a war as an Ice Warrior leader where I defended Doritos from him and Iceyfeet, forcing them to surrender the war. This is my fucking craft, and you don’t have to believe me but I will show you.

We will create a new website, all of our events will be recorded and all of our penguin ID’s will be noted. In the next week we will be working to get our website to the top of google instead of the other DCP website. We will also get CSS and a Domain. I will be working alongside true legends like Alfrondo Bam117. Although they aren’t as active, we have unprecedented methods that were supposed to be used this week in Wwe’s DCP but they are simply temporarily post poned.

The future is bright for us, I can’t say the same for Badboy’s army.  This is what you get, we will conquer with literally no one to ever interfere. I knew being great would come with some jealousy alongside it, but nothing stops us… just do your homework.