i’ll make this short

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Well, basically, I got removed from the door-toes website and removed from leadership because I fired and exposed a multilogger on the main chat. Wwe said I made DCP look bad. DCP was gonna be something great, I couldn’t stand the fucked up cheating ways, but hey Wwe ya doofus it’s whatever floats your boat.. atleast you’ll be so small you might not have any haters!! RIP DCP

I also find it funny how Wwe thinks I was the multilogger just because there were multiloggers under my leadership.. well fuck I led for so many fucking years that they couldn’t of joined under literally anyone elses leadership lol nice logic though, not like you multilogged back when you were 10 years old or anything hah, stay mad cause I outnumbered your small sizes bro beans… You’re literally the death of the Doritos every damn time


deleted post from dcp site [oh the memories!]

I find it really idiotic, on our part (the elite brotherhood) to allow someone who is completely incompetent to lead our army. We literally have a legacy on our hands, and we are allowing it to be tarnished by a complete idiot who is 100% incompetent and incompatible with our entire army… This guy is a mental wreck, and he has done nothing wrong to me personally for me to have a need to cut him. I just find him extremely incompatible with this army. I know DCP is great, every single time that I have led this army we have broken records and remained consistent for unprecedented periods of time. Completely legitimate and unstoppable. Nothing was able to stop us, ever.

The thing is, if our leaders are completely incompatible with our army, it was meant to be destruction. This army was being destroyed, and I was taking the bashings coming from people like Meta and 13yearoldn00b. This was an unfortunate period in our history, but one thing about DCP is that no matter how hard we get hit, we get back up and continue moving forward. Our mistakes are our professors and we learn more lessons and become greater every single time.

DCP is legitimately unstoppable, all of this chaos inflicted by our own leaders and our chat still remains filled every single day. No events for weeks, and troops come online every single day asking for events. No one has affected this army other than the leaders, and that is completely the fault of the DCP oligarchy.

This is the dawn of a new era, we will recruit and we will do it our way. We will inevitably achieve true success. I’m not impressed with armies, but DCP is more than just an army. We are actually a family, in every form of the word. We are a legacy, DCP is greater than us all. This is our childhood and we will fight to the end in order to secure a successful future for our army. Without DCP, most of us wouldn’t be here. DCP has literally been the sole reason that soo many people haven’t killed themselves. Including my closest of friends. This is truly something great, and we will prove it. Now is our time, Doritos.