32op – the birth control baby

Without me – you’re all insignificant incompetent PEASANTS! You slimy freaks! I leave and you have to get 3 armies to help you get to 30+! WEAKLINGS!

Incapable of fighting a war, you beg other armies to help you fight a single army! This is what we always stood against! WEAKLINGS!

You base war on if you think you can win? The point of war is to rise up and annihilate your opponents, fun, or for what you think is right. This is why you all will forever live in my shadows and you continue to work to amount to nothing… WEAKLINGS!

1. Lying to the community.
If you take a look at DCP’s event pictures and count the amount of people logged on versus how many they say have logged on. You’ll notice they’ve been adding numbers into their max that aren’t even there. This is not something recent, as it also happened numerous times in Army League too. Are they blind or do they just want added points to get ahead of the other armies? Why hasn’t the board done anything to counter their fake maxes? Well, the answer to that is directly correlated to our first reason.

Not to mention, they use the “according to the website” as a means to “justify” their numbers. Yet, who are the people who have access to the website? Not us. We can’t check if they are lying about that too, because once again, biased authorities

Their lying has been happening since our CPO days. They lie about their maxes to boost their ranking on the Top Ten armies list, and it’s incredibly unfair to multiple armies who work hard, give honest numbers and are refused their rightful ranking.

I thought it was so funny that you claimed 20 was 50 after I left you off to slowly die away. I guess you couldn’t hold up that facade for long! Now you done did it, tried to pull off the scheme that you lot were actually competent!! All schemes come to an end, but this one was worse than Andrew24 scheming his way about!! I heard he loved the good news when he figured out DCP became WEAKLINGS!

What a failure of a prick. I would slap this thot straight into the sewers. How the fuck are you about to force everyone to recruit and yet still get 30+ with begging armies to get on in your uniform. I tried to help a depressed kid named Meerrkat

Now you see why Mustapha10 doesn’t have to be active to be successful? I mastered this game you stupid heads, I led for 10 year what do ya expect lil duckys! Your leaders retire and still recruit all day to see if they actually matter… hah! isnt it nice having someone with an actual name in your army, only to find out jester was one of my many henchmen that was brought up from nothing to something to everything!

You fail to be successful so you try to rape kids into doing all the heavy lifting


MEERKAT, you’ll never amount to anything without me

wanna know why

because i am a GOD

-king ducky mustapha 


The Sick Truth behind the Doritos of Club Penguin [from a Creator]


After being completely out of CP armies for months now and refusing to lead any CP army, you throw my name into multilogging accusations with NO evidence, not even circumstantial evidence. You made a mistake mentioning my name son. Now it’s time to reap what you sow!

So let me take you back to 2019, I single handedly brought back the Doritos. I didn’t think I needed permission to bring back the army as I was the only leader that stayed with DCP from 2012 – 2020. Wwebestfan only popped around once every few years to feed his ego, couping me once before in the past – and doing it again after I used virtual machines and autotyped on 8 – 12 penguins at any given time everyday all day to millions of CPO users spamming them with the direct link to our website. Wwebestfan disliked the fact that I took over his army once again, taking his max sizes of 30 in 2012 and putting them to shame the pushing point was when Andrew24 created a post in reply to a post Wwebestfan made, calling him irrelevant and stating that I was the reason his army existed past 2012 let alone became relevant and made Wwebestfan a legendary figure. Calling Wwebestfan irrelevant infuriated him. I’ll reply to your accusation of the entire DCP legacy being riddled with multilogging. Not only do you discredit every single DCP legend ever, as you are here in an attempt to ruin Rodgahs reputation, you have Wwebestfan’s cock balls deep in your throat failing to realize that before you even knew what DCP was he multilogged. The only time DCP multilogged was when it was led by the Doritos of Club Penguin hall of shamer Badboy – who just conveniently retired when his multilogged penguins did the wrong tactics at an event.


32ops attempt at ruining Possum’s reputation as well. Another DCP legend. He “forced” her to download a program to log messages or otherwise lose her rank. Removing her from the legends page, and targeting her in other ways. Why?


Because she came to me as a friend while under distress. This is like an obsessive freak nature.

32op you’re a miserable freak with your many attempts to try to ruin my reputation after I moved on to build a gaming community and didn’t bat an eye at Club Penguin. I didn’t give you any attention until now, and the saddest part about all of this is Possum is spineless enough to go crawling back like the majority of the unintelligent fucks in the Doritos. 

I’ll move on beyond that, as my legacy over the past 10 years that you try so hard to tarnish is set in stone as you nor anyone in Club Penguin armies ever will be able to surpass my accomplishments. I mastered this shit, and I did it my way.


32op. You are inbred swine more creature than man. You are a nobody. For the past 5 years all you did was come on to link a Youtube video of Moospie getting her pants pulled down on Tinychat. It was mad strange to me that you would even be recording someone as they were on Tinychat, regardless you continued to question why it took me so many years to make you a leader. You got leader for 2 weeks once out of desperation when Wwebestfan couped me once before. I guess dicksucking Wwebestfan throughout the years pays off for you in the end, but you and I both know that I taught you every single thing you know and you are practically a mistake that broke through my condom. You have no morals or ethics to convince Wwebestfan to remove me from the Doritos – the only leader that stayed with the army for 10 years longer than anyone has ever stayed with any army. For you to take the guy that you say taught you everything and not only remove me from the legacy I built, but try to ruin my past reputations as well. Anyone can see that this in itself deems you an untrustworthy slimy freak.


This was DCP leaders defacing themselves for the 2nd time using my name. Another attempt to ruin my reputation. I still haven’t forgotten about either one of those attempts. 

I felt bad when Epic101 and I took back the Doritos after I got removed. You guys made a discord that had like 20 people, and even they would have came back. I had the Discord with the entirety of DCP and my DCP website was 1st on google. I gave you guys back the full control of DCP. I felt that it was wrong to remove the creator of the army, divide the army, ect. Maybe you could have taken this as an act of good heartedness – Mustapha10 giving you the army he built up for 10 years and permanently retiring from CPA. Instead you took it as a way to use me as a scape goat and accuse me of framing your army, among other things. I had the power to let power go. Anyone with common sense can see that I had good intentions. Why would I give you full control of DCP just to try to ‘frame’ it?

 I have done further investigation on the DCP website and have found out who was behind this act, what you’ll see is absolutely disgusting. – 32op

What the fuck does this have to do with the DCP website? Show us what you found, you’re just in a frenzy.  What you’ll see is absolutely disgusting.

You’re scandalous as fuck. Keep it real, you’re fake as fuck towards the public eye you deceiving little prick. You ddos people then accuse people of ddosing, say nigger behind closed doors then protest for black lives matter.

Read part 1 to this here: https://mustapha10x.wordpress.com/2020/06/15/413/

increasingly, we become so secure in our bubbles that we start accepting only information – whether it’s true or not – that fits our opinions, instead of basing our opinions on the evidence that is out there.

If you’re in the Doritos, I suggest you all go to a new army together. This current DCP is a disgrace to the legacy entirely, led by spineless manipulating freaks who are merely incompetent and put on a facade that simply cannot last forever. 

Most people don’t know when they lose their innocence. They lose it slow. I’m about to lose it all at once.


The only excuse that they have given me for all of this was because I kept kicking them from our group chats. Below is only from 1 group chat, instead of focusing on DCP these children were constantly toxic. This is the side of you that they don’t show. This is their truest self, when no one is watching them. If anyone thinks these pictures aren’t real you can DM me (Mustapha10#8042) and I can add you into this group chat so you can see them for yourself. I made it my duty to ensure DCP is productive and my mission to ensure everyone is the best version of themselves. With this being something so constant it results in me kicking them from group chats repeatedly. 


Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! As a retaliation to this post I expect you all to dig up all the dirt you have on me. If you fail to do so I guess it really says a lot about the person that I am. Stay calculated, boys (and Vivala)..

-Big Mus t nigga, the nigga that made it cool to rep DCP, the one and only to make the Doritos universal nigga, the only nigga that brought DCP back without Wwebestfan, the nigga that made it universal to bump the shield, the nigga that’s been here CONSISTENTLY since 2010. No one else has led DCP as long as I have, and no one ever will! Put some respek on it!

Those who break the rules are scum, yes –

but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum

You don’t make my lady money

Through trial and error

Feelin It GIF - Squad GIFs

The squad has been rebuilt 

Forged through courage, with years in the making… the fucking gang has come to it’s finale forme


One last hoorah… for the gang!




The end is indeed close, but this is only the beginning. What you will see before you will be the first of its kind.

KATO – Against all of the ODDS

Kato recently got into an intimate relationship with Emily Zonin. I have been a long time friend with benefit of Emily, but until recently she has been upset with me for not participating in the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE with her ——————————————-

she poured a bucket of ice on her head on twitter and Mustapha10 didn’t accept the challenge when she tagged him into her challenge





In modern day America, Kato is now doing these challenges with Emily Zonin. Let’s see what they have to say about the situation.

Interview with Kato (One of DCP’s creators): 

Interviewer: How’s your relationship with Emily going?

Kato: i love money i don’t love bitches



Emily, I have been plotting on your heart already,

signing off

Possum and summit

Possum and summit dated 4 years ago. It was a great relationship. Summit called it an addiction greater than Kens sweet tea addiction.

This sounds great and all, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows 🌈



Summit was devastated after breaking up with her, started a revolt. A revolution. Protests and riots broke out with 1 thing in mind: to remove Possum from her position of power as DCP Leader.

Summit dubbed the rages “girls cannot lead” and thus resulted in Possum being stripped of her rank.



will they ever get back together? Let us know what YOU think in the comments!